By using a Lean Production method, Verona Lamiere S.p.A. uses the best technologies on the market and offers its customers an incredible flexibility of production thanks to its know-how and the internal capacity to reorganize itself, enhancing the experiences of each item of its human capital.


  1. 1
    Cutting Department
    • 8 Laser systems (2D and 3D) with automatic loading and unloading systems.
    • 5 Punches with robotic loading and unloading and palletising system.
    • 1 Combined system with robotic loading and unloading and palletising system.
  2. 2
    Bending Department
    • 2 P4 panelling systems
    • 2 robotic bending cells
    • 20 manual bend presses
  3. 3
    Stamping Department
    • 6 Mechanical presses from 40 to 500 tons
    • 3 Hydraulic presses from 100 to 200 tons
    • 3 Automatic power supply units
  4. 4
    Welding Department
    • 1 Laser welding system
    • 3 Anthropomorphic MIG welding robots
    • 1 Anthropomorphic TIG welding robot for stainless steel and aluminium
    • 1 MIG welding + electro-perforating handling robot
    • 30 Manual workstations for electrical perforating, (MIG/TIG) welding and assembly
  5. 5
    Mechanical processing and tooling Department
    • Mechanical processing with multiple drills, taps, CNC mills, grinding and work centres.
    • Tooling for the manufacture of small and medium sized moulds

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